Saturday, September 24, 2005

perfume: anna sui's secret wish

So, I'm not a fan of Anna Sui's branding or clothing. It has such a baroque, overly feminine feel to it. But, spurred on by Chandler Burr's ravings about her "delightfully weird" frangrances, I tried on Secret Wish at the duty free shop in Okinawa's Naha Airport.

I was really surprised. It's a lovely perfume! Perfectly normal but very interesting. No wacky anise scent or anything like that. I hate licorice, so for me anise is a very undesired smell. There's a really fun hint of what smelled like vanilla in the perfume, so I kept sniffing my wrist because the perfume smelled so nice. Of course, Burr was speaking of Sui's perfumes in general, so Secret Wish might be a normal concoction compared to her other perfumes. It's the only one I've tried.

I think I could really get into buying perfumes. Too bad that a lot of them are so terribly expensive. At $47 a bottle, I won't be buying Secret Wish. But if I find small sample sizes, I would definitely pick it up.

Didn't wear perfume today.

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