Monday, September 26, 2005

perfume: anna sui's secret wish part 2

As my recent obsession lingers, I searched for Secret Wish online. Apparently it does come in a mini size for the reasonable cost of $12. Shall I risk the online order with a random company? I'll debate it.

While searching, I ran across a blog entry in Japanese where an office lady (OL) was mentioning that her older colleague (a friend) suggested that she wear a slightly more fruity perfume at work. I found this amusing for several reasons.
1) Her colleague is concerned about work appropriate perfumes (which makes sense, but indicates more sophisticated thinking than mine :D).
2) Her colleague found it important enough to mention to this blogger. It's probably important to note that the 2 apparently get along well.

I think I put on too much perfume today. The sillage is a bit strong! I tried washing it off but it hasn't worked. I hope my coworkers aren't too bothered.

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