Sunday, September 25, 2005

brands and luca turin

Luca Turin's site is a lovely read. I found it through through katiedid's Scentzilla site.

I love words like "sillage." I still don't quite know what it means (it's something about wearing perfume) but it sounds absolutely marvelous. Refined like smooth powder. I'll look it up someday soon.

Today I ran across Turin's article on brands.

the greatest unenlightened scam, the one they teach in business schools, is the one where a) you screw the customer, b) they still trust you and c) they come back for more. Example: Louis Vuitton luggage. Rubbish quality (the Thai fakes are better than the real thing), dubious taste (to reverse Marx, what started as a '30s farce, "let's put the lining on the outside", is now a tragedy), outrageous price. And yet they sell. Why ?

sense takes longer to acquire than cash


katiedid said...

I love reading Luca's site, too - he can be so droll and/or pithy sometimes. And his scientific background leads to some really unique insights that are fascinating for a non-scientist like me. I loved his cleavage post from a little ways back - too funny.

kuri said...

Droll and pithy are good words for Turin. His writing feels very clear and distilled to me.

I should work on my writing!

I haven't read enough to get a feel for his more scientific insights, but I look forward to it.