Monday, June 21, 2004


I was investigating proper leather shoe care, and eventually started looking at Franco Sarto shoes. I found these sandals which look really cute. Of course, I would want to get the black sandals, and of course, I don't need black sandals. I was actually looking for another pair of dress shoes for work, but couldn't find any which would be wearable year-round and look good with skirts. Not that I wear skirts often, but I've only got sandals to go with my skirts at the moment, which doesn't work so well in the winter. I could just buy another pair of the same shoes I have, but on one hand, that's boring. On the other hand, they're really comfortable. Very iffy. I'll have to shop around. No real hurry though. But those 'Dynamo' sandals I linked above are really cute. The heel might be 2 inches and under. Hard to tell, although I have a feeling that they're 2 3/4". Oh well. 2 inches is the highest I'm willing to go.

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Lizy said...

Nice blog dear!!Great choice.. sandals are good match that go very well with mini skirts.