Wednesday, June 16, 2004

shaving, fixing my suit

I just noticed that my favorite suit (from Ann Taylor, mentioned in my last post) has come apart slightly at one of the sleeve hems. I'll have to get it mended. I need to find a good seamstress/tailor, as I can't sew straight. I can get my pants and skirts altered if they do a good job. I think there was a shop in Shimokitazawa, but I don't know their hours.

Has anyone used that Australian product Nads? I've seen the infomercials, but being wary of infomercials, I'm only partially convinced that the product works. Laf, I shouldn't be convinced at all, since it is an infomercial. Anyway, if you've tried it, let me know. I've decided that getting cut by my shaver sucks and I'm never going to risk it again. Also, daily maintenance is impossible, but once every 6 weeks is doable. So waxing/sugaring/etc. are all open for consideration. Bleach would work but I'd rather stay away from strong chemicals. Don't need to increase the junk going into my drinking water.

Ooh, I love the web. I found a forum discussing Nads. Rather funny quote:

I'm not fond of regular wax. Sugaring I like, generally. Though I've given up using it on my legs because I'm not flexible enough, and I'm on the verge of ditching my underarms because *GEEZ*, the pain... but it works well elsewhere. ;) Sugaring cleans up fast and generally works well.

But yeah, it's definitely overpriced. And I'm not entirely sure how they got away with claiming that the hair eventually wouldn't come back... I still haven't ever met anyone for whom that was true.

Totally sympathize regarding the pain. Haha. I never even thought of waxing my underarms. Hrm.. nope, still can't conceive of it.

Sounds like waxing is the cheapest solution. Doubt I can find salons which can do sugaring or threading here. But maybe I can.

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