Tuesday, June 22, 2004

limiting purchases

I came up with a long shopping list of things, but I wonder how much of it I really need. It occurred to me that my dress shoes aren't quite the shape which would benefit from shoe trees, since the leather over the toes and front of the foot is pretty horizontal. So I can cross that off my shopping list.

I think leather cleaner, conditioner, and waterproofer would still be beneficial, and I can use those on all my leather shoes. That's 3 pairs of shoes with me.

Rationalization is a powerful thing.

I give up on making charcoal water filters by hand. I need an activated carbon/charcoal, which looks a little difficult to obtain. According to Consumer Reports, Brita is 400% as expensive as Innova but only 5% more effective. It's 300% as expensive as Glacier Pure but only 10% more effective. Time for a Chinese factory startup? Let's make some higher quality activated charcoal and package it nicely, and charge less!

I strolled into work with a white streak of sunblock under my
eye, and clean hair that just looked bad. A pity, because my head was feeling very refreshed. I have to look in the mirror before I go to work.

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