Sunday, May 06, 2007

skincare and sunscreen

Since my skin has been freaking out lately, I haven't been using much on my face. It's down to salicylic acid for the breakouts, a bit of Avene thermal water as moisturizer, lip balm, and sunscreen. Unfortunately the sunscreen has been one of the reasons I've been breaking out, so I've been scrambling for other sunscreens to try.

It's kind of a pain. I think the DHC and Fancl cleansing oils leave my skin sensitive to other products. Perhaps they're just too harsh. I've been using them everyday as a makeup remover, but I will try getting a separate makeup remover and using the oils two or three times a week.


Andrea Leite Marques said...

Hi Kuri!
You poor thing! I heard the Avene products are very good and now Korres has a new line of sunscreens too. Who knows?
As you see I am back from Rio (almost 4 weeks now), but I got a bit depressed for coming back, in spite of the very hot weather down there. I miss it lots, and here I feel a bit lost to tell you the truth. But that's life, hey...
Well, lovely to see you and talk to you soon!

kuri said...

Hi Andrea! Welcome back from Rio!
I think the main issue was overuse of the cleansing oils, because right now my skin is pretty calm. That and the one very bad moisturizer.

I'm sorry to hear that you feel lost. It must be hard to be so far from home. I just saw my parents last week and it struck me how nice it would be to live near by them. But I don't want to move closer to home, so the situation isn't going to change much. :|

Hope you feel better about it soon!