Thursday, June 29, 2006

waiting for Mille et une Roses

I swung by the Lancome counter at Keio Department store to inquire about it. Apparently it will hit stores in Japan in August. So about a month left before I can try it out. I've heard very good things about it.

Since they don't have it yet, I decided to test out Estee Lauder's Azuree Body Oil spray. I was amused to notice that most of the items in the new Azuree collection are sold out at Keio. Guess it's popular! Anyway, I sprayed on a dash of the body oil and in the process splattered a bit on the counter. Ah well, that's what you get when you spray oil! I'm not so sure a body oil spray is a good idea. Seems to be asking for a mess. The scent itself is nice. Coconut and beachy, but wasn't addictive or anything, so I'll be able to survive the sold out state of things.

I ran across some scrumptious soaps in gardenia and lily, but I am still holding out for an almond soap.


GreatSheElephant said...

I can make a mess without a spray. I recently tested Costes from a splash bottle in a boutique and flung about 20% of the bottle's contents all over the glass counter top. Was so embarrassed I had to buy it.

kuri said...

How terrible! I hope you like the perfume at least. I think there's something about perfumes and embarrassment. I almost broke a bottle of a Guerlain perfume in the department store once. I picked it up by the bottle cap, which separated from the bottle :P Luckily I caught it before it crashed into the glass counter top, and then smiled sheepishly at the saleslady who was fortunately busy with another customer. Then I ran away.