Friday, June 16, 2006

Modest Needs

I read about Modest Needs at Perfume Posse today. It seems like a nice way to help a little bit. I really should donate my time too, but since I'm not doing that at the moment...

On a far more frivolous note, remember Raven-Simone from The Cosby Show? She's apparently a singer now. She seems like quite a technically skilled singer, but I don't like her songs themselves too much. Feel rather Disney-like and lacking depth.

I need to pick up Tori Amos's more recent albums. She's a little strange as a person, but I love her music. I probably still like her album Little Earthquakes the best though. She has a series of bootlegs out; maybe I'll pick up a few.


katiedid said...

I think she has a perfume, too, called "That's So Raven" or something like that. (I dimly recall reading she has some TV show of that name?) She was so adorable when she was little. You kind of just knew she was going to be gorgeous when she grew up. I think her songs are Disney-like because I'm 90% sure she is one of several performers in the Disney stable of artists. Perhaps she'll get more interesting as she gets older and pulls away from the cutesy crud offered up by Radio Disney.

"a little strange as a person" Heh. Understatement, I think ;)

kuri said...

I think I did glance across a reference to her perfume. Had the impression that her tv show was short-lived, but maybe it's a Disney show? Am totally ignorant of most cable shows. That would explain the disney-like character of her songs! I hope she gets more interesting.

Hee, it's funny how some people have an abundance of "interestingness"!