Wednesday, July 27, 2005

perfume image

It's funny how important the image of the brand affects the perception of a perfume. For example, when trying perfumes, I have no interest in trying any of Elizabeth Taylor's products. Celine Dion doesn't draw me either. I'm curious about Jennifer Lopez's perfume, but I'm a little disinclined to try it. Hermes? Ugh. Burberry seems boring. I used to run away from Yves Saint Laurent, because their designs are really unappealing, but my friend introduced me to "In Love" which is surprisingly light and fragrant.

The funny thing about perfume is that the cost margin is so high, it's a great product to carry if you can get people to buy it. The difficult part is creating the image that will attract people.

So now, I want to try a new perfume. I get tired of perfumes quickly (I adjust to the fragrance really rapidly) so I'll buy little mini bottles. Marc Jacobs smells really good on a friend of mine, but not on me. I like the smell of CK One, but it's so common.

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