Friday, October 12, 2007

Japanese Powder Foundations

I've received various powder foundation samples from shops and friends (mostly from friends) and I've finally gotten around to testing them out properly. At first I was reluctant to wear the samples in public as most of the shades don't match me well, but I figure that one day in the wrong foundation shade isn't going to affect me much.

Doltier Selective Powdery (a brand of Kanebo, made in Japan)
*** Very natural finish, but only provides light coverage. It seems average on oil-control, although I didn't pay that much attention.

Maybelline Angel Fit Pact
(made in China)
** It fits seamlessly with my skin, but despite that the finish isn't quite as natural as Doltier. It only provides light coverage. The sample package is the most space-effective one though. This foundation was supposedly developed for either the Japanese market or the Asian market, I don't remember which.

Ayura Superior Skin Pact SPF20, PA++
(made in Japan)
* Not much coverage, and an average finish. Not particularly natural, and normal about oil-control.

I've tried the above foundations for two days each. I rotated through twice. The following foundations remain to be tested for this second round:

Revue Superior Stay Pact UV SPF 25, PA++ (a brand of Kanebo, made in Japan)
* From what I recall, it was okay. Revue foundations seem very popular here.

Paul & Joe Protective Dual Powder Foundation SPF 25, PA++

* very cute sample packaging, I was unimpressed on my first try, but the color was really off.

Dr. Ci:Labo Compact Foundation SPF 16 PA++
* Good coverage and average finish. I liked the fact that the sample package contains 3 colors for you to try.

Elixir Superieur Whitening Compact UV SPF 26, PA+++ (a brand of Shiseido, made in Japan, all seasons foundation)
*** Good coverage, average finish, average oil-control. I don't want to like this one, as I expect it is quite expensive. Elixir skin care is on the costly side.

Maquillage Climax Lasting Powdery UV SP 25, PA++ (a brand of Shiseido, made in Japan, spring and summer foundation)
*** Good coverage, average finish, average oil-control. Amusing name, eh?

Of course, I should just be using up my Inoui ID foundation instead of buying another one, but liquid foundation just takes too much time.


Andrea Leite Marques said...

Hello Kuri! How are you these days? Already too cold in Japan?
Love your review. And I love the Japanese samples for powdery foundations, they are so cute!
I am using right now the Revue one, and I like it. It's very natural and silky I got one Shu Uemura sample (the one in the black case) and I think it does not last much, unfortunately.
I have one Revue, but not this year's. I think it's from Summer 2006 - the one with the Sakura case, and I think it's really good, lasts and lasts.
Will read more of the entries now!
Talk to you soon,

kuri said...

Hi! You guessed it; it's already quite cold in Tokyo! We didn't get much fall weather, unfortunately.

I mean to put up pictures for the samples; the Paul & Joe one is particularly cute! I wonder if you have the Essence In from Revue - that is still quite highly regarded on A lot of people complained about the newer Superior Stay not being as good as the previous version. A sakura case sounds very cute! I've never tried any Shu foundations, and I guess there's no need too, heh.