Saturday, September 08, 2007

En Vogue - Free Your Mind

Still a perfect video. Great stuff. Is it me or are a lot of the pop videos today really simplistic?

The Fugees are still one of the best groups ever. And Lauryn Hill is the bomb.
Lucy Pearl was pretty cool too. I love Dawn Robinson's vocals.

A top artists list would have to include:
Michael Jackson
The Beatles

Listening to one of Prince's older songs is fascinating because it's just a level of complexity and depth above a lot of the popular stuff today.

I have an ongoing theory that the very best, transcendent musicians are a little weird. They have to be, in order to make music that cuts through all the polite facades of the "normal" world. Popular music works with and/or maintains the niceties of popular culture, but music that remains listen-able over time holds a bit of truth that never gets old.

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