Friday, March 30, 2007

current lemmings

* L'Artisan Creme d'Ananas (body cream) - it's a good thing that they only appear to sell the fragrances in Japan, although I will check on the main store in Tokyo one day. 200ml for $80.
* Bourjois Effet 3D Nudes - I want either Brun Poetic 33 or Nude Energic 35; they look gorgeous. But I have way too many glosses at the moment. I'll have to use up two nude glosses before I can buy this one. It'll probably be a year at this rate.

Recurring but quiet lemmings (don't feel the urge to buy immediately, but have wanted for at least half a year):
* Shiseido &Face Washing powder - Fancl and DHC are probably just as good, but &Face is just luxurious. I'm still debating which washing powder to buy, as I'll need something for my upcoming trip. 70g for 2,625 yen. I think I'll buy whatever is available in the smallest size, which probably means DHC.
* Fresh lip balm - luxurious and wonderfully moisturizing. But I currently can't spend that much money on a lip balm ($22). Although I do want to try the infamous Prada lip balm.
* LUSH Honey I washed the Kids soap - it's really popular and I'd like to see if it's as wonderful as people say. We'll see. I like LUSH soaps like snowcake, which is great for winter; moisturizing and very fine lather. But I have 3 soaps in my bath at the moment, so there's really no room for more.
* 4711 cologne (the original) - I'm halfway through my current decant; It's a great spicy citrus.
* L'Occitane Amande Shower Gel - I love almond, and this gel smells delicately of almonds without sugar. It's important that the scent not be too sweet, otherwise it reminds me of marzipan and makes me hungry.
* Anna Sui Moisturizing Touch Up Stick - no longer found on the Victoria's Secret website, but still available at Should I buy it? Dilemmas. Maybe in July. I am over quota for June. If you include shipping, it's about as much as Fresh lip balm. Hrm...
* Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss - it just looks gorgeous. Pretty sparkle. Someday, haha.
* Awake Stardom lip gloss - again, it looks terribly pretty. Can you tell that I like gloss?
* L'Occitane Ruban d'Orange Shower Gel - the sweet orange is strangely addictive to me. I think the perfume is a little too simplistic but it's a very sunny fragrance. Plotting to buy it one of these days.

They have CB I Hate Perfume; Frederic Malle, and Serge Lutens in Isetan Shinjuku Men's building!!! I tried the library scent; very nice. I don't know where to start with the Frederic Malles. But I think I'll be visiting the Men's building a lot. The salespeople are going to think I'm crazy. And it's highly unlikely that I'll buy any full bottles, although the Blu Meditteraneo citrus sounds lovely.

Satisfied lemmings:
* Crazylibellule and The Poppies: purchased Les Divines Alcoves in "tout oublier" for my birthday. Being greedy, I want more. It's a lovely, quiet, Iris scent in adorable packaging. Currently carrying around in my purse.
* Bloom lip gloss - this is the most emollient lip gloss I've tried so far. Love it. Pout is a wonderfully flattering shade, so I've been wearing this to work for the past week.


Winifred said...

It takes forever to use up those seemingly small packages of cosmetic items. Plus I usually either lose the item or have to toss them out after a year or two... sigh..

Why can't they make even smaller samples at a much cheaper rate? ^_^??

kuri said...

Seriously! I would love smaller for cheaper. I already have way too much makeup :P And it's a dilemma - should I wear the stuff I like best? I'll just be repurchasing it when I use it up. Or should I use up the stuff I don't like as much? I won't be repurchasing that stuff, but I don't like it as much, so I don't want to wear it as often. Right now I'm wearing the stuff I like best :D

Anonymous said...

Funny. I read somewhere that one of strategy to access the China/India market is to sell stuff of the same quality as in the states, but just put them in smaller packages. Maybe the same strategy can work in overdeveloped countries too. haha.

kuri said...

Really? That's interesting. It makes sense as a strategy though. It's just much easier to buy the cheaper of two comparable items. For daily essentials that get used up quickly, too small a size might be irritating, but it's taken me a year to get through half of a lip gloss.