Saturday, September 30, 2006

shopping issues, luca turin can sell anything

I identify a lot with this post from High Fashion Girl.

Have you read Luca Turin's September column at NZZ Folio? I don't even like most lavenders, but promptly after reading the column, I was off and searching the web to find places to buy Caldey Island Lavender Water. Turin's descriptions are simply entrancing. I'm looking forward to his book "Secret of Scent" which will be out in Nov. in the U.S. I think it's already been published in Europe and available in Japan, which makes me wonder why the U.S. publisher is so slow.


Andrea Leite Marques said...

Konnichiwa Kuri!
Yes, that man can sell anything alright.
Amazing that the US edition is not yet available. It's not like it has to be translated or anything! Weird...
I bought it but still haven't read it. I've been more in the mood for manga lately.
Talk to you soon!

katiedid said...

I preordered mine from the UK earlier this spring. So weird that there's a delay in the US publishing. You know, my husband runs into that problem as well with some of his favorite sci-fi writers, too... I wonder what the motivation for that is? At least on the face of it, it doesn't seem to make much business sense at the very least :(

kuri said...

Andrea- Yeah. I wonder why the book is getting published so late. Pricing issues? The printer they wanted was busy? Laf. I have been reading a lot of manga lately too. It's kind of a problem because it takes up a lot of space in my room. Really need to clean up. But I like to read well-written stuff before going to sleep. It's very calming.

katiedid: Hee, you picked the efficient route. I could just get the book in Japan, but it's cheaper if I wait :) Hrm.. that's interesting; so it's a common issue? I noticed that a lot of cosmetic brands in Japan have much later release dates for the new products than their American counterparts, but I always assumed it was just a matter of getting govt. approval of the cosmetics first and then working on the marketing. But with books, the regulations and such would be much simpler, and I wouldn't think actual printing would be an issue! Strange.