Friday, August 04, 2006

desnuda by emanuel ungaro, The Emperor of Scent

I may be a fan! It smells soft and refined. A bit on the delicate side but interesting. Something a bit spicy and lightly sweet.

I can't remember who recommended this, but it's quite lovely so far. Not quite me, but not bad.

Chandler Burr's book The Emperor of Scent is excellent. The intelligent, clear writing is a relief to read after scanning through too many poorly written best sellers and I really enjoyed his highly accessible treatment of the science described. Luca Turin sounds absolutely fascinating. Very readable. My father enjoyed it too.


katiedid said...

I love the opening of Desnuda, just as you say, because it's enjoyably quite spicy and sweet. It starts to get too powdery on my skin for me to wear all that often, unfortunately. But that lovely opening sure is something, isn't it?

How cool that your dad liked reading Emperor, too! The way he writes the science portions of the book are especially well done, since they don't necessarily require total understanding in order to "get" the book. You'd kind of suspect that'd be a tricky thing to pull off for a writer.

Have you read LT's new book yet? Much more technical, obviously, but terribly interesting to read his insights.

kuri said...

I'll have to retry it but I didn't notice too much powder the first time. Yes, the opening is lovely! I think I was curious because of your review, so thanks for the tip :D

I think it's especially difficult to write clearly about complicated scientific details, and he communicated that really well. My dad likes physics and chemistry books so I figured the odds were good that he would like this book.

I can't wait to read LT's book! It's available in Japan so I should pick it up.