Saturday, July 22, 2006


I've only packed gifts and my suitcase is almost full. I hereby will stop hoarding gifts for people. Even though it's fun. At least I've stopped sending packages to people (for the most part; I still take requests).

I have a long list of things (mostly beauty products) that are recommended and I would like to try. This list is pretty much just an invitation to consumerism, so I'm really tempted to throw away the list. That way I'll only buy the things that I can recall from the list. However, if I were to throw away the list, I would probably regret it later and be forced to reassemble it by trolling all my favorite websites. Which would be a waste of time. So I keep the list. I've stopped updating the perfume list though. Now I just read perfume reviews and think "How lovely!" and go back to work.

I had my Japanese teacher sniff my Une Zeste de Rose. She seemed to like it quite a lot, even though she's fairly anti-perfume. She only wears 4711 and finds everything else too strong. Despite not being a perfume fan, she apparently receives presents of perfume quite frequently. I am encouraging her to give out little decants of the perfumes, as she never wears them herself. One way to get rid of them :D Perfume should be used and enjoyed, after all.

I bet English teachers read blogs like this and cry about the declining education level in America. Yes, yes, I will proofread and brush up on my punctuation.

In an unrelated note, have you read Shirley Manson's blog (of the group Garbage)? She sounds super cool.

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