Tuesday, June 14, 2005

the fallacy of buying hair products

I have been highly entertained (obsessed) with shopping for hair products lately.

Today I realized why it has been so engrossing. Basically, my hair has been less than attractive lately, in addition to needing to be cut. So I am hoping that the right styling product or hair conditioner will make my hair smooth and manageable. (I sound like a commercial). Of course, while possible, it puts all the blame for my hair on using the wrong products, as opposed to the way I care for my hair.

At any rate, even with the right hair products, I will still probably need to spend a little time every day on my hair. As opposed to the 0 minutes I currently spend grooming my hair. Laf, at least I wash and condition it.

I really need a hair cut. But I want to find a good picture of the hair cut I want, so that I don't need to explain much to the stylist.

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