Wednesday, December 08, 2004


my black woolen coat appears to have been sampled by moths. I now understand why my mother smothers her closet with those chemical mothballs. Considering how infrequently she wears most of her clothing, it really makes sense. I shall have to do it to protect my suits and new coat.

I would be more upset about my old black coat, but the style is pretty outdated, and it was too long anyway, plus I just bought a lovely new coat that I adore, so I'm not too upset. Also, I wore the black coat a lot last winter, when it was freezing. Still, it's a bit of a waste. I hope the clothes I put in storage in CA are sufficiently protected by that box of chemical mothballs I put with them. I really like that blue ballgown, although I've only worn it once. Maybe I'll wear it on Halloween sometime.

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