Tuesday, August 03, 2004

sunkus drinks

Sunkus (convenience store), has a really boring selection of drinks. The one at 中野坂上 near work doesn't even have the lemon tea flavor of "Afternoon Tea". They only have the darker, more bitter version, and probably the milk tea flavor.

They have a nice selection of おにぎり (rice balls) though. I tried the anago one today. The unagi (freshwater grilled eel) one is also pretty good.

I am banned from buying any new non-necessities for myself. I lose stuff too easily. I stopped carrying around my dictionary as I am afraid that I will lose it. I'll just bring it when I study Japanese. Maybe it would be good to put everything on long chains attached to my purse or whatever. Then it would be much harder to lose. I think I'll do that. Laf.

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